Journeys Presents: Battle Of The Bands

    Journeys presents: Rocketown’s 2014 High School Battle of the Bands! Saturday May 31st, 10 bands will compete for YOUR vote     Four Eyes;   The Broomestix;   The Zach Allen Band;   Kennedy Nöel;   The Outcasts;   Some Assembly Required;      Marky Silvers;   Olympian’s Asylum;   Paradise in Ruins;   […]

Battle of the Bands Auditions

Rocketown is hosting the 2014 High School Battle of the Bands and we want YOU to be a part of it!! Are you in a band? Do you have a member in high school? Wanna compete to win OVER $500.00??!! If so, hit me up! Here are the prizes you’ll be competing for: 1st, 2nd […]